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As in Ripon where I went to visit Antoine who is in hog heaven. The Ripon area is ripe with small organic farms that supply the Montreal and Ottawa areas. An idyllic community nestled in the Laurentians.

Turkish Delights

Boarding the plane on the Atatürk airport tarmac in Istanbul
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Panoramic bonbons for your viewing pleasure (hover over the gallery photo for a description, click to view full screen and click again on the photo for a jumbotron experience)

Back to Migraine, Indiana

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Well, that’s actually Ottawa, Canada but it might as well be Migraine, Indiana. In other words, back to hyped-up, stressed-out western way of thinking; the Costco conundrum. Blech!

Cruisin’ the Fethiye Bay

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This was our tourist day off where we embarked on a boat after having consulted the Lonely Planet oracle. Fethiye Bay is a deep bay and natural harbour. Walking the waterfront will get you assaulted by the boat shucksters before … Continue reading

La ville déserte de Kayaköy

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Un évènement triste dans l’histoire de la Turquie, “l’échange de population” ou tout simplement l’expulsion mutuelle impliquant un village grec, Kayaköy, près de la ville de Fethiye sur la côte sud-ouest de la Turquie em 1923.

Fethiye Sunset

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Upon arriving in Fethiye and registering at our pansiyone (pension/hotel/hostel) we met up with the owner, Soner (pronounced so-nair, aka Sonar) and a guest who invited us for a glass of wine on the terrace. Not even into our second … Continue reading

Şirince Walk’n Wine

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Şirince (Sheereenje) is a mountain village 8 kilometres inland from Selçuk (Sell-chook) which is the closest town to the Ephesus ruins. Known for its production of a variety of fruit wines, it is nested up a steep mountain incline which … Continue reading

Tire Bazaar

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Pronounced Tyrrha like its ancient name, this little town was 40 minutes inland from Selçuk by dolmuş (pronounced Dalh-moosh; shuttle). The local to tourist ratio was way down in this town and was a welcome respite. We went there on … Continue reading

Ephesus Noise

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Ephesus is an ancient Roman town about an hour south of Izmir. At its height, some 2,000 years, it was a port of 250,000 people. The sea is now some 7 kilometres away and the city has been forgotten, damaged by … Continue reading


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Izmir, formerly known as Smyrna until it was renamed by Atatürk is the third largest city of Turkey. It’s a port city ensconced in a mountainous bay and serviced like Istanbul by multiple ferry stops that make getting around it … Continue reading

High View of Istanbul

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I don’t dare give out the secret location of my vantage point but we had the chance to sample an outstanding 360 degree panorama of downtown Istanbul. I’ll say at least that we are in the “new” section of Istanbul, … Continue reading

Princes’ Islands

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Peering out from the sea of Marmara that lines Istanbul, the Princes’ Islands is a group of nine islands of which we visited two, the islands of Heybeliada and Büyükada. Just a short 30-minute ride on the ferry from Kabataş … Continue reading