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Breaking Orbit

I prefer not to use metaphors because they can be so misleading but I was getting this image as I was flying across the country to Vancouver.

Orbits are for celestial bodies and electrons, not for what I was doing. Yet, my brain was feverishly trying to understand this swamping of emotions, both good and terrifying. I was breaking free of a circular path of familiarity into a different orbit of unfamiliarity and adventure and my emotions were all over the place from elation to outright fear and doubt.

It was reassuring to speak to the veteran traveller that is my son as he told me that he went through the same process before a “great adventure”. There is an emotional logic, somewhat akin to the mapping out that Dr. Elizabeth Kübler-Ross plotted on death and dying.

This is the start of the adventure, unknown meetings of good people and untold stories; this is the beginning of a two-phase adventure, first a bike tour down the Pacific coast from Vancouver to southern California and then to Thailand.