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EDHREC - Vorinclex, Voice of Hunger Decklists.

Popular decks and cards for Vorinclex, Voice of Hunger. Updated Apr 11, 2012 by IntensiveGecko using our MTG Deck Builder. Made a edh deck for causal fun and to win! General = Vorinclex, Voice of Hunger. EDH / Commander decklists for Vorinclex, Voice of Hunger. Updated Oct 03, 2017 by Lexcorp using our MTG Deck Builder. Vorinclex might just be my favorite card in magic. I have made a few decks with him before, but this.

09/06/2011 · This deck is all about ramping up into your general turn 3 at the earliest and then beating down with good old fashioned green fat. Vorinclex's passive abilities inspired me to add an element of land destruction/control and works very well to keep opponents constantly behind you. Vorinclex, Voice of Hunger Because salty tears taste best with Vorinclex on the field. Nissa, Worldwaker just the 1 to untap FOUR FORESTS. and let's not get started over the -7. There are many other planeswalker I run in my deck but this one definitely stands out for me. Vorinclex, Voice of Hunger. High Salt Score: 2.86 $19.99. $17.03. In 6339 decks 6% of 110858 decks. EDHRECast Ep54 – The Saltiest Cards in EDH ft. Bennie Smith: Pogobat Gaming – EDHREC Tech: “Hangry Vorinclex.

26/07/2015 · Vorinclex is a very punishing commander sometimes so if we up his game just a little bit before that so that we can get ahead to windmill slam him onto the table, the better shape we're in. So with that I'd suggest a few cards like. 20/05/2011 · Brian's Vorinclex, Voice of Hunger CMDR Deck [EDH / Commander / Magic the Gathering] CMDRDecks. Loading. Vorinclex, Voice of Hunger Deck List 24 Forests Oran-Rief, the Vastwood Mikokoro, Center of the Sea. [EDH / Commander / Magic the Gathering] 02/08/2018 · If you're a vorthos, check me on this, but I'm pretty sure that Vorinclex's backstory goes something like: Vorinclex got hungry, which made him mad, so he ate an entire forest, and then ate some expanses of land that weren't even his, and after all that he's still just as hungry, and just as mad. I am not affiliated with the. 16/08/2012 · Hello everyone. This is my second oldest EDH deck. I've put a lot into perfecting this deck to my Timmy style. Runs lots of big fatties to overrun your oppon.

09/02/2018 · Did something different this weekend. Swapped Vorinclex, Voice of Hunger with Omnath, Locus of Mana to see what would happen. Deck absolutely explodes. Might consider porting this list over to Omnath and remaking Vorinclex. Not for sure yet. 21/04/2013 · Vorinclex, Voice of Hunger As long as I can keep drawing cards, this happens almost every game starting at around turn 5, and the threats never stop coming. Since every creature can kill them, Vorinclex is a great guy to hold back until you think you've exhausted their removal, then use that tempo to draw a new hand of threats and overwhelm them. Updated Jun 21, 2012 by Lonethief using our MTG Deck Builder. If you’re a vorthos, check me on this, but I’m pretty sure that Vorinclex’s backstory goes something like: Vorinclex got hungry, which made him mad, so he ate an entire forest, and then ate some expanses of land that weren’t even his, and after all that he’s still just as hungry, and just as mad. 19/04/2017 · It's getting New Phyrexian in Commander VS! With four of the five Praetors from that set in action at the table, who will win the battle for supremacy.and who will go down in "compleat" defeat?

Protector sleeves - 5$ Vorinclex, Voice of Hunger - 4$ War's Toll - half a dollar Playing EDH/Commander with your mates and having both Vorinclex and War's Toll on the battlefield - priceless. Turn 3: Forest you now have a total of 5 Forests on the battlefield one of which taps for 4 mana thanks to Arbor Elf, Cast Vorinclex, Voice of Hunger and watch you opponents cry! Wild Growth can be replaced with Utopia Sprawl. Explosive Vegetation can be replaced with either Hunting Wilds or Skyshroud Claim. Turn 4 Play Vorinclex, Voice of Hunger This is probably a slower method but w/e. Please if anyone can think of something faster, do tell. Nice in Casual or EDH Decks. Outside of this he has very little impact and comes far too late. Isn't even viable as revival target. Vorinclex, Voice of Hunger uit Iconic Masters. Het grootste assortiment losse Magic: the Gathering MtG kaarten vind je bij Bazaar of Magic. 03/08/2019 · Vorinclex, called The Voice of Hunger, is the Green-aligned praetor of New Phyrexia. A social darwinist, he wishes to make New Phyrexia a place hostile to sentience, which he despises, and based solely on the roles of predator and prey, of which only the strongest will survive.

Vorinclex, Voice of Hunger EDH Commander /.

For green alone Vorinclex is probably the best creature you can play. He's an absolute lightning rod though and will eat removal pretty much instantly if your opponents have any. He's almost always worth it unless you immediately become the archenemy, which is kind of likely. But often if you're dropping Vorinclex you're probably doing pretty well. 05/06/2012 · I recently made a mono-green EDH deck with Vorinclex, Voice of Hunger as its general. The idea is to do some mana ramp and use Vorinclex to slow my opponents way down with his abilities, giving me an advantage in that regard.

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